Frequently Answered Questions

What programs does MTAA offer?

MTAA offers baseball and softball programs for children ages 4-19, including t-ball and coach pitch for beginners. We offer both spring and fall seasons, however t-ball is only offered in the spring.


What about basketball?

MTAA no longer offers a basketball program.  For information about basketball, we recommend contacting Manchester Township Recreation Department.


Is MTAA part of league?

Starting with the spring 2017 season MTAA is proudly affiliated with Cal Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball and Softball.  This means our programs will benefit from the training and philosophies of these programs and will have the opportunity to play in district, state, regional, and national post season tournaments.  For the regular season our softball teams participate in South Central Pennsylvania Softball, and travel throughout the county. ***NEW FOR 2019 - baseball will participate in a newly formed Cal Ripken Baseball League, playing its regular season games against other Cal Ripken organizations such as Red Land, New Cumberland, and Cedar Cliff. T-ball games are done all within our organization, and all home games are at Cousler Park. 


When can I register my child to play?

Please refer to our website and Facebook announcements regarding specific dates of registration for both baseball and softball. Registration for the spring season typically opens in mid-November and closes in January.  Registration for fall opens in July and closes in August.


How are teams chosen?

All players 10U and older participate in a pre-season assessment.  Each player is given a number and then coaches and board members assess each player on a variety of skills including throwing, fielding, and hitting.  Baseball Major and Minor divisions are picked by a draft system, which enables our teams to be balanced according to skill. Rookie and Tball teams are selected accordingly by players available and done to evenly spread teams out. 


Are teams leveled?

Yes.  Teams are divided up with talent equally to ensure the most competitive game environment. We no longer do the "A, B, C" structured teams by talent. 


What if I want my child to "play up" at the next age level?

For some young players it is sometimes possible for them to "play up."  If you want your son or daughter to be considered for this, please register them according to their age group, and notify us that you would like them to be assessed at the next age level.  If they assess at the higher level, they MAY be permitted to "play up."  Sometimes factors such as number of players or safety will supersede a players desire.  Our commissioners and board of directors maintain the right to make these decisions.  If a player "plays up," they will be expected to pay the difference in the increased registration price.


Can request my child be on a team with a friend or a certain coach?

At the T-ball and coach pitch levels we try to honor these requests when possible; however at the 10U and above levels these requests are not always possible.  As mentioned above, assessments are done anonymously, and based on ability.  We don't even assign coaches until assessments are complete and players are grouped into teams.


What equipment are we required to provide?

Glove -- All players at every level will need a proper glove.  For help in choosing the right glove click here.

Shoes -- At 8U and younger, any athletic shoe is fine.  Cleats are recommended for 10U and above.  Metal cleats are only permitted in 13 and above baseball. 

Bats -- Players are not required to have their own bat.  Every team has supplied bats.  If you would like to purchase your own bat, a guide for how to choose can be found here.  Please keep in mind these rules in mind when purchasing a bat. ***NOTE: All Cal Ripken age baseball players must use USA Baseball approved bats. 

Face Guards -- Face guards are required for softball players 10U and older, and highly recommended for 7U. 

Helmets -- Each team has a supply of batting helmets.  Players do not need to buy their own.  If you would like to, please consider this guide.

Balls -- Each team will provide balls for practice.  If you buy balls to practice at home, we suggest you purchase the same kind of ball your player will use in their games.  Not all baseballs and softballs are the same! 


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